Veteran Benefits


Alan is ready to hear your story and help you find the benefits you have earned!

Guidance from A Leader in the Veteran Community

Alan Alford – Vice President- Fighting For Our Heroes Foundation

Alan Alford and Al-Marah Equine School remain dedicated to helping our Veterans and Active/Retired Armed Forces members receive assistance with understanding and obtaining education benefits, as well as all other Military/Veteran benefits you deserve and have earned, such as

  • Transfer of Benefits to Spouse/Family
  • Claiming Education & Health Benefits
  • Filing for Education & Health Benefits
  • VA Tuition Assistance
  • Filling/Claiming Disability Benefits
  • And much more
Helping Veterans Understand Their Benefits

Alan and the Al-Marah Equine School are available to help you with Military benefits of any kind, including education benefits for Veterans. Call us directly at 352-536-1502 or fill out the contact form to the left for assistance!

Alan’s Story: Shortly after graduating high school in 1990, Alan enlisted into the United States Navy. After serving for close to 2 years aboard the USS Independence CV-62, working in the post office and on the flight deck, he became paralyzed from the neck down from a rare neuromuscular disorder called Guillain Barre Syndrome which was caused by drinking tainted water aboard the ship.

Upon retiring, he moved back to Central Florida and enrolled into Valencia College working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and began working with other veterans in the community in his spare time, while simultaneously working in the resort industry. In August of 1998, Alan became paralyzed a second time after relapsing from Guillain Barre Syndrome. This time he had numerous complications including gangrene, fistulas, and approximately thirty surgeries, as well.

Throughout this period of his life he had numerous struggles with the Department of Veterans Affairs and Social Security to receive the benefits and treatment that he desperately needed for his medical conditions. Which is when his sole focus in life became to assist his fellow veterans to receive the benefits they have rightfully earned.

Over the last 21 years, Alan has become a leader within the veteran community.

He has assisted tens of thousands of veterans, service members and their families to receive their benefits. He regularly lectures at numerous colleges, Pow Wow’s, health fairs, homeless shelters for veterans, and numerous gatherings where veterans will be meeting that are needing assistance with their benefits issues. Additionally, he co-authored “The Expert’s Guide to Veterans Benefits”, and has worked tirelessly to assist with numerous pieces of legislation that have protected the sacred rights for all that have served our great nation.