Here are some testimonials from Employers of our Students / Graduates:


“I am writing today to tell you what a wonderful addition Josh Beaulieu is to my Equine Facilitated Learning program at Challenge U. Challenge U has been providing equine experiential programs to both the corporate population and individuals looking to improve their leadership, teamwork and communication for over 10 years. One of my biggest obstacles has been finding people to work at Challenge U that are knowledgeable about horses and horse behavior, open to learning, open to being coached and having a high work ethic. Hiring Josh from your program at The Al -Marah School of Equine Management has been an answer to my prayers.

Josh is interning with me until he graduates in September. At that point I am very excited to offer him a full-time position as a key team member at Challenge U. Josh brings a high level of horse knowledge which I find in many ways more valuable than horse experience. He has been taught the basics of horse care, horse behavior, not just in their herd dynamics but horse behavior as it relates to helping humans grow and learn. The foundation he had coming into Challenge U was more advanced than any one I have hired in the past 10 years. He is truly a keeper and a young man whom I am excited to work with as Challenge U continues to expand their work with horses and humans.

Thank you to The Al -Marah School of Equine Management for doing such an outstanding job creating a curriculum that teaches what is truly useful in an equine based program.


 Andi Burgis

President / CEO

Challenge U, LLC

760-535-3052 … direct”